Doctor Who Commentary – 4.02 ‘The Fires of Pompeii’

Join us, a bunch of Cardiff-based Doctor Who fans, as we discuss ‘The Fires of Pompeii’, episode 4.02 of the popular science fiction drama, along with magma beasts, historical epics and the deification of the Doctor in our fan commentary!

This week’s commentators: Peter, Caleb, Swithun and James


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Commentary – 4.02 ‘The Fires of Pompeii’

  1. just thought id comment on the latest podcast (listening to the first one now) very thorough, and insightfull, i dont know an awful lot about the old Dr who, so the comparisons are very useful in getting a more in depth picture of the episode!


    if memory serves me well, in fathers day the Dr, i believe, tells Rose(when she trys to convince him that her actions in saving her dad where not that detramental because he wasnt anyone important) “an ordinary man is now alive in the world who shouldnt be”, or something like that, and then continuing with something that eludes to the fact that this could have very large consiquences, however in this latest episode, he against his own better judgement caves in on Donnas protest, and goes against his own wisdom/knoledge of causality!!and saves a seemingly normal/ordinary family, another case of selective memory do you think, or is there a hidden explanation?

  2. Well the real reason would be that the writer probably doesn’t check his Doctor Who history properly. Beyond that I’m sure there’s a fan theory floating about.

  3. Nice review again guys, sounds like you’re having a lot of fun and it’s interesting to hear about your different “specialties” in Doctor Who.

    I mentioned it to Caleb, but what do the rest of you think of the PYROviles and other self-describing alien names such as Racnoss: clever word play or annoying gimmick?

    Oh, and whoever made the Bionicle reference is a dude!!!

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