Doctor Who Commentary – 4.06 ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’

Join us, a bunch of Cardiff-based Doctor Who fans, as we discuss ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’, episode 4.06 of the popular science fiction drama, including cloaking devices, Cornish accents, clockwork mice, how to drown a fish and the introduction of Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter (sort of!)

This week’s commentators: Caleb and James


4 thoughts on “Doctor Who Commentary – 4.06 ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’

  1. Pretty good lads, even in my absence. I did think though that James was slightly harsh and that’s coming from the critics of critics.

  2. All male genetic or all female genetic material wouldn’t result in a viable organisim. Experiments two such same sex fusions occured resulted in Ebyros which reach a level of development and then died with any external factors. Gallefree and the the palnet Messinan may have a different genetic system. Althought the terminology the Doctor uses surrgest this is not so. Alternatively sex specific genes are not so vital or absent from the genetic sequence of time lords, hath. Yet it should not have worked for the humans.

  3. The very week of 60 years Ireali indepence. A story about a war lasting generations, with the human side beliving they have no chioce. The IDF moto is “We have no alternative”. A coincidence?

  4. I’ve added the Impossible Podcast to Zarban’s House of Commentaries. Check it out! It’s at

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