Doctor Who Commentary – 4.07 ‘The Unicorn And The Wasp’

Join us, a bunch of Cardiff-based Doctor Who fans, as we discuss ‘The Unicorn And The Wasp’, episode 4.07 of the popular science fiction drama, including murder most foul, dodgy vicars, gay agendas, charades and the question of Genre vs. History. All this and a blinking great insect too!

This week’s commentators: Caleb, Peter, Swithun and James.


One thought on “Doctor Who Commentary – 4.07 ‘The Unicorn And The Wasp’

  1. I enjoyed your take on this; it puts it in perspective, but I still think it’s one of the weaker episodes of any season. It was actually the first ep I saw of the new Who, tho, and it was good enough that I went ahead and watched some eps from season 2, which I loved, and now I’m hooked.

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