Doctor Who Commentary – 4.08 ‘Silence in the Library’

Join us, a bunch of Cardiff-based Doctor Who fans as we discuss ‘Silence In The Library’ by Steven Moffat, which is episode 4.08 of the popular sci-fi series, including shadows, spoilers and skeletons in spacesuits!

This week’s commentators: Caleb, Peter, Swithun and James.


One thought on “Doctor Who Commentary – 4.08 ‘Silence in the Library’

  1. Oh, what a great episode! It really is just as good the second time around, altho all the repetition–which I think was meant to be creepy–instead was just annoying and slightly comical. And the disembodied heads stuck thru a toilet seat were just awful. But, hey, hurray for skeletons in spacesuits!

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