Doctor Who Commentary – 4.12 ‘The Stolen Earth’

Join us, a bunch of Cardiff-based Doctor Who fans, as we discuss ‘The Stolen Earth’ episode 4.12 of the popular science-fiction drama, including Daleks and Davros, returning characters and spinoffs, reset buttons and that shocking cliffhanger!

This week’s commentators: Caleb and Peter.


4 thoughts on “Doctor Who Commentary – 4.12 ‘The Stolen Earth’

  1. Hello everyone,

    Great commentary, we here in London really enjoy them!

    Just a quick question for you guys – do you feel that the development of the ‘foe’ over the new series (especially with the David Tennant story arcs) reflects the issue faced by modern day british society of an increasingly assertive and negative Christian influence on our current day secularism? We have picked up on this here, particularly in the last few episodes.

    Keep up the good work!

    ~ Chris, Chris & Anna

  2. Hi Chris, Chris and Anna. Thanks for leaving a note, and we’re glad to hear you’re enjoying the podcast.

    Your question is an interesting one, but perhaps you could be a little more specific. When you say “foe”, do you have a particular enemy in mind, or do you mean the nature of the monsters/villains as a whole? And in what ways do you think British society is suffering from Christian influences?

    Get in touch and let us know – this sounds like the start of a very promising discussion!


  3. I’ve finished adding all your commentaries to Zarban’s House of Commentaries at I look forward to listening to these once I get caught up on the episodes themselves!

  4. Currently about 20 minutes into your commentary guys — avoided listening until after JE. After spending too much time on what-was-once-OG wading through people complaining about what RTD didn’t do, and people complaining about people complaining, etc, I’m relieved to listen to you two enjoying the episode while taking time out to point out the siller moments.

    Oh, and … Batman vs Optimus Prime vs Abraham Lincoln …

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