Doctor Who Commentary – 4.13 ‘Journey’s End’

Join us, a bunch of Cardiff-based Doctor Who fans, as we discuss ‘Journey’s End’ episode 4.13 and season finale of the popular science-fiction drama, including Donna’s departure, deux ex machinas, and the destruction of reality itself! And just what would the Daleks have done next if their plan had succeeded?

This week’s commentators: Caleb, Peter, Swithun and James


And read Caleb’s review on his A Journal of Impossible Things blog here!

One thought on “Doctor Who Commentary – 4.13 ‘Journey’s End’

  1. Just finished listening to your podcast while typing up some work. As someone who found the episode’s flaws less noticeable or irksome than the three of you, can I just say I thought that was a really pleasant commentary: honest opinions, but a refreshing lack of bile towards those who have different (or indeed wrong) views.

    I look forward to hearing more of them: any chance of the Human Nature two parter? I think it’s a wonderful two-parter with interesting flaws/tensions/changes from the original, and could do with a critical commentary that says more than “brilliant” or “soppy”.

    Oh, and I-Spy at the end of the universe: genius.

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