David Tennant’s Departure and 11th Doctor Speculation Special

Join us, a bunch of Cardiff based fans, for a brief retrospective of David Tenannt as the 10th Doctor and speculation on who will be (and should be) the 11th Doctor. We also announce the winners of our Big Finish Short Trips competition.

This edition’s commentators: Caleb, James, Peter and Swithun. Visit our Meet the Team page!


One thought on “David Tennant’s Departure and 11th Doctor Speculation Special

  1. delurking (have been listening to some of the recent stuff, having given up on the S4 commentaries when it meant having to rewatch the Doctor’s Daughter or The Wasp and The Unicorn, the latter obviously scanning better as a title).

    Glad to see you are keeping up the podcasting: I won’t say I agree with everything, but I always find it interesting and relatively civil listening.

    Haven’t been able to keep up with UK TV for the best part of three years, so have no idea who should or will be Doc 11. (The love for Robert Carlyle, or should that be Carlyse, seems a bit of a knee-jerk reaction viewing him as in the same mould of Eccleston. Not clear he’d want to go near DW either.)

    Still: just for a laugh, in the vein of the podcast, but with a hint of serious suggestion. In increasing order of unlikeliness:

    Paddy Considine (even less likely to take it than Carlyle, but in my view has greater range: compare Hot Fuzz and Dead Man’s Shoes for an illustration)

    Larry Gillard, Jr. (only known to me as Barksdale Jr from The Wire, but a fine actor, who would have taken to the 9th Doc’s characterization very naturally. Wrong nationality, of course, even if he’d heard of Doctor Who, but still…)

    Julia Deakin (hey, if you guys can put forward any of the actors or the writer of Harry Potter, then I can surely put forward the most under-appreciated of the Spaced family)

    I think that selection covers my bases, according to the usual formula: a male character actor; a male, ethnic minority actor; and a female actor:

    As for a realistic choice: what’s Colin Buchanan up to these days?

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