Russell T Davies Signing Special + Whoniversal Appeal Preview

A live report from the Cardiff signing of The Writer’s Tale, the new book by Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook going behind the scenes of series 4 of Doctor Who. We review the book, talk to the fans, and have a very special guest appearance by the big man himself!

A transcript of Caleb’s interview in February 2007 with Russell T Davies for Quench Magazine is available on his blog, A Journal of Impossible Things.

Plus, we interview Melissa Beattie, organiser of the upcoming Whoniversal Appeal academic conference at Cardiff University. A Podcast of Impossible Things will be taking part in and reporting on the event. To find out more about Whoniversal Appeal and to book a place, visit


One thought on “Russell T Davies Signing Special + Whoniversal Appeal Preview

  1. Hi all, just thought I’d say, I listened to the podcast and thought it was really good. Sure, there were parts where my attention wondered, but there were large chunks that had me interested. I’m sure people that actually like Doctor Who must love it. Good job Caleb on the signing report. Great radio reporting. I’m afraid my anti-whovian tendencies still think the conference is ridiculous, but i hope your session goes well.

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