A Look Into the Future – Matt Smith, Steven Moffat and Series 5

We talk about what the future might hold for Doctor Who as Matt Smith prepares to take possession of the TARDIS key and Steven Moffat steps up to the position of show runner.

How will the youngest Time Lord in the history of the show measure up? Who should his companion be? And what sort of changes (if any) can we expect to see in the tone and direction of the series as a whole?

We discuss this and, er… High School Musical in the latest edition of A Podcast of Impossible Things!

This edition’s commentators: Caleb, Peter, Swithun and James

You can also listen to Caleb’s live reactions to the casting announcement as it was made on BBC1 in our previous special edition.

Note 09/02/2009: If you’ve had any problems downloading the podcast, it should now be fixed!

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