Torchwood – Dare we Watch it Again?

The trailer for series 3 of Torchwood (“Children Of Earth”) is out now and can be found here:

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Now we at A Podcast Of Impossible Things have never really been fans of Who’s first fully fledged spin-off. In fact, we’d rather sit on rusty nails than watch that sex-gas episode again. Which should give you some idea of just how valiant and selfless we are when we tell you we might be willing to endure all that misery and disappointment again (yes, even “Cyberwoman”) for your sakes.

So here’s the point – do you want to see us start a series of Torchwood commentaries?

We put the question to the audience at last November’s Whoniversal Appeal conference, and the answer was a resounding “Yes!”. But what do you, our regular listeners, want to hear?

Let us know what you think. We’ve got a few ideas for mixing up the format of the commentaries a bit, so it could prove to be real fun, but it’ll only happen if you’re sufficiently vocal!