Doctor Who Commentary – 4.16 ‘Waters of Mars’

The Doctor dices with destiny in ‘Waters of Mars’, but are the Impossible Podcasters impressed with the latest Doctor Who special? With reactions ranging from love to hate, it might be our most heated disagreement yet. Join us as we discuss water zombies, absent Ice Warriors and comedy robots in our latest commentary!

This edition’s commentators: Caleb, Swithun and James.


One thought on “Doctor Who Commentary – 4.16 ‘Waters of Mars’

  1. Wow! Good podcast lads, though I’m glad I wasn’t along for this one and avoided getting caught in the crossfire!!

    Shameless Plug: My latest ‘new species’ post is online, giving my opinion on ‘the flood’ and more importantly their name! Also some SJA stuff too.

    A few comments – I was totally with you on the slitheen Wind based episode!

    For the ending I had actually thought the Doctor would take Adelaide to the future and far out to space so her granddaughter actually meets her when she goes out to space, which would reference the Doctor’s earlier line. What do you think?

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