Doctor Who Commentary – 6.06 ‘The Almost People’

Join us as we discuss ‘The Almost People’s’ many twists and turnsas the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory attempt to escape the island and bring peace between humans and flesh, and face some startling discoveries of their own. We discuss everything from Roman Rory through to Moffat’s alleged sexism, and of course, that cliffhanger!

This edition’s commentators: Caleb, Peter, Swithun and Olivia.
What did you think of ‘The Almost People’? Does the ongoing story have you enthralled, or has it distracted from the individual stories? Remember to read James’s review, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Commentary – 6.06 ‘The Almost People’

  1. Loved it! The best commentary yet, absolutely fantastic. To say this was far better than the actual episode is hardly surprising but it was still fantastic.

    I think having Olivia on board has made a huge difference – the analysis is a lot deeper, and she comes at things from a slightly different persepective.

    On the other hand, I think you got a bit bogged down in the gender politics of the series. I think there are more questionable morality issues at work here – most obviously the murdering of the flesh-Doctor instead of a non-dissolvable human killing Jenny instead.

    Roll on next week!

  2. Thanks James, glad you liked it. Olivia won't be around for the commentary on A Good Man Goes to War, but we've already got some more material recorded with her involved, on video games and on Tolkien.

    I did think it was very odd that the Flesh Doctor stayed to sacrifice himself. If they hadn't spent so much time hugging and saying goodbye, the non-dissolvable Doctor and Rory could have dealt with Jen, and had plenty of time to get into the TARDIS. I think we did discuss that, though not in as much depth as the whole feminism tangent!

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