Torchwood Discussion – Miracle Day 3, ‘Dead of Night’

Caleb Woodbridge and P.G. Bell discuss Episode 3, ‘Dead of Night’ (spoiler-free review here), including Captain Jack’s “mortal urges”, the implausible rise of Oswald Danes and whether Miracle Day is suffering from Lost syndrome.

With Swithun in America, Peter moving house, and Caleb going to a wedding and a job interview, real life has caught up with us, meaning a discussion rather than a commentary this week – but never fear, normal service will be resumed next week! Or at least, our usual episode commentary – we make no pretensions towards normality.

Did you enjoy episode 3 of Torchwood? Are you gripped by each episode, or is your attention beginning to wander? What’s the purpose of the Miracle – is PhiCorp behind it, and why? Let us know your opinions, theories and speculation!

2 thoughts on “Torchwood Discussion – Miracle Day 3, ‘Dead of Night’

  1. Good review, though I do disagree with you on a few points. Overall, I think I've been more impressed with Torchwood the the rest of you, but you've definitely identified a few areas where the show could improve. Like you, I remain hopeful that the story picks up a bit in the next couple episodes.

    But I wanted to answer a question about the rift for you. I think it was BBC 3 that aired three Torchwood audios, the last of which, House of the Dead, deals directly with the rift's final destiny, as well as delving into the true nature of Jack and Ianto's relationship.

  2. Hi there Vash, and thanks for the comment. Having listened to the podcast again, I sounded a little more negative than I intended to – I think I spent a little too long focussing on the problems that are detracting from an otherwise entertaining show.

    And thanks for clearing up the mystery of the Rift for us! I've not caught the latest batch of Torchwood audios (I wasn't overly impressed with the one they did about the CERN Large Hadron Collider the other year) but will see if I can lay hands on them at some point soon.

    How is life over at Relative Dimension, by the way? It's quite a cool site! Keep up the good work, and we hope you keep enjoying the podcasts.

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