Video: Meet the Impossible Podcasts team!

Who are the impossible people behind the Impossible Podcasts? Meet the team as we discuss our favourite eras of Doctor Who, our geek interests and specialties, and our claims to geek fame!

What about you – what are your geek interests, and what else would you like to see us cover? Do you have any cool “claim to fame” stories? And what do you think of our first foray into video? Let us know below!

2 thoughts on “Video: Meet the Impossible Podcasts team!

  1. Very cool guys – only downside I'd say is Caleb's vid in the bay lost a bit of quality on the audio 'cause of wind I think, but nothing that stopped it being interesting.

    Video does work well – are we going to start seeing video podcasts as well?!

    I met Dave Prowse at a Star Wars convention in Liverpool, also Warwick Davies and Jeremy Bulloch who played Boba Fett plus got a novel signed by Karen Traviss. That's about it for my clame to fame!

    Star Wars is my area of Geekdom speciality, though I love modern video game franchises with deep stories such as Halo, and I reckon I could give Olivia a run for her money on Mass Effect geekdom!

  2. Yes, I did my best to clean up the audio, but there was only so much I could do with it. I'd like to do a video podcast sometime, but we haven't made any firm plans yet.

    Meeting those stars is pretty cool. And that last comment of yours sounds like a challenge… we'll have to pit you and Olivia head to head on Mass Effect sometime!

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