Doctor Who – ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ – Q&A with Steven Moffat

Photo by Dave Parsons

Doctor Who is back! Our full-length commentary will be online later this week but, to tide you over, here’s something a little bit special. WARNING: contains some spoilers about a returning monster!

Our very own Caleb Woodbridge had the chance to question Steven Moffat, Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan at the recent preview screening for ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’, held at the British Film Institute in London. Find out how the showrunner keeps his stories straight, his approach to the mythology of the Doctor and, most importantly, why they really keep killing Rory.

The secrets of the universe lie within this podcast.* Can you afford to live without it?

*As long as you consider Karen Gillan’s favourite outfit of the series one of the secrets of the universe.