Torchwood Commentary – Miracle Day 4: ‘Escape to L.A.’

Caleb Woodbridge and P.G. Bell give our commentary on episode 4, Escape to L.A. (check out our spoiler-free review), including Tea Party politics, the ethics of euthanasia, and the possible return of the Slitheen. We also consider Torchwood’s uncertain future, and wonder whether the show can go on without Russell T Davies at the helm.

What did you think of the latest episode of Miracle Day? What did you think of Ellis Hartley Monroe’s  “Dead is Dead” campaign? Who do you think the mysterious Families are? Let us know your thoughts!

One thought on “Torchwood Commentary – Miracle Day 4: ‘Escape to L.A.’

  1. Hi guys, good stuff as ever!

    I did love Gwen's American accent, and how she played it over the top to make up for how bad the accent was, and gets away with it by saying 'I'm mortified'.

    I was wondering too when the clearly alien force is going to show up – we got definite hints of an ancient force planning to change Earth. Another thing I'm wondering is with this thing happening 'now' are there going to be any references to it in the second half of Doctor Who – I don't think much of Children of Earth was mentioned in the main series either, besides the Doctor's forgiveness of Jack at the end of the Tennant series.

    One thing I have found grating is the fact that Rex keeps ignoring Jack's claims to be ancient and travelled in space, you'd think with all that goes on he'd be a bit more open to the suggestion of an immortal man and I find it annoying that Jack hasn't bothered to correct him yet – it was good as a running gag, but it's wearing a bit thin.

    Keep up the good work!

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