Torchwood Commentary – Miracle Day 6, ‘The Middle Men’

Caleb WoodbridgeP.G. Bell and Gwen Williams discuss Miracle Day episode 6, ‘The Middle Men’. (Check out our spoiler-free review!)

We discuss Shanghai geography, Chinese swearing, whether 45 storeys is enough to guarantee unconciousness, Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson’s turn as Stuart Owens, Jack Harkness as gay or omnisexual, Esther’s uselessness, Gwen’s awesomeness, and the amount of posing that goes into blowing stuff up! Plus much more…


2 thoughts on “Torchwood Commentary – Miracle Day 6, ‘The Middle Men’

  1. Good stuff again guys!

    Yes – bring on the aliens! It's about time we found out what's behing this, though I don't think the sinister wormy thing will be the answer.

    On another note, is anyone else wondering why Torchwood, with all their alien tech still seem to be using Windows Media Player?!!

  2. The answer's easy, Figleaf – Windows Media Player IS alien tech! (Hey, nobody said aliens had to have better tech than freeware, right?)

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