Doctor Who Commentary – 6.12 ‘Closing Time’

Caleb WoodbridgeSwithun Dobson and Sarah Burrow discuss ‘Closing Time’ , episode 12 of Doctor Who series six, which sees the return of both of Cybermen and James Corden in the latest tale from Gareth Roberts!

As the Doctor’s death approaches, he makes a social call on his old friend Craig Owens, but soon finds himself saving the world one last time. We discuss the Doctor’s parenting skills, Cardiff filming locations, sentimental endings, and much more, as well as responding to your feedback on The God Complex!


One thought on “Doctor Who Commentary – 6.12 ‘Closing Time’

  1. WINNER!! Thanks guys – I enjoyed my fleeting moment of contentment very much!

    I'm totally with Swithun, perhaps even more annoyed with this one and there were some fundamental problems!!

    The start was great, I loved the Doctor's hesitance to get involved was great, then he kills the Cybermen in exactly the same way he kills them the first time they appeared in the new series with even less plot logic.

    I'd have liked it if there was more emotion, given that the Doctor was killing his friends from the shop by making their heads explode with emotion!!

    Still excited about the Finale though!

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