Torchwood Discussion – Miracle Day 9 ‘The Gathering’

Batten down the hatches, lock up your daughters and wrap that precious Torchwood fandom of yours in cotton wool and bubble wrap – Swithun is back!

As the Torchwood team make their penultimate moves in the game against the Three Families, we discuss the overall sweep of the series so far, wonder at the true nature of the Blessing and take a wild guess at how things might be resolved next week. This is your last (but one) chance to join us, so click below and give us a listen!

This week’s contributors: P.G. Bell and Swithun Dobson

We’re thinking of taking our arc plot disucssion further and would love to have your input. Let us know your favourite and most hated arc-heavy shows. Lost, BSG, X-Files… we want your opinions on the lot. Make yourself heard and we’ll do our best to include your thoughts in a future podcast!