Doctor Who Commentary – 6.13 ‘The Wedding of River Song’

Caleb WoodbridgeSwithun Dobson and Sarah Burrow discuss ‘The Wedding of River Song’ , episode 13 of Doctor Who series 6. As the Doctor heads to his almost certain death, something has gone very wrong with time, thanks to a woman…

We discuss alternate realities, guns’n’eyepatches, Indiana Jones, the Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, time loops, the motives of the Silence, the legend of the Doctor, stepping back into the shadows, story arcs and more, plus we look forward to the Christmas special and beyond!


One thought on “Doctor Who Commentary – 6.13 ‘The Wedding of River Song’

  1. Fun episode but the teselecta ending was quite a let-down. The Doctor is such a supragenius that, if using the teselecta would work, he would have thought of it immediately instead of moping around for episode after episode and then suddenly getting the idea after the teselecta captain asks him if there was anything he could do to help.

    And the way Delaware assured everyone that it was indeed the Doctor even after Amy insisted it must be a clone "or something" and they burned his body without noticing he was a robot, it was just a complete cheat.

    Moffat should have kept the Ganger Doctor secret and have him and the Real Doctor working together all season, then one of them dies at Lake Silencio… AND WE AREN'T TOLD WHICH. Much better, I think.

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