Points of Who #1: Your feedback and our new schedule

Welcome to our first edition of Points of Who, our new regular slot for your feedback!

Up until now, we’ve been discussing your comments, tweets, emails and the like on a fairly ad-hoc basis. But we’ve decided to have a monthly slot dedicated to your questions, views and opinions.

In this episode, we discuss your reactions to The Wedding of River Song, plus where to find Doctor Who actors in horror movies (answer: practically everywhere!). We also welcome a new guest commentator Brandon to the show, and ask for your suggestions in naming P. G. Bell’s baby boy – his wife has already vetoed Stormaggedon!

We also announce our new regular schedule for the coming months with Doctor Who off the air…

We’ll be publishing a podcast every Friday covering the following strands roughly in turn, as well as continuing to publish reviews and articles on the blog:

If you’d like to share your thoughts for us to discuss, please send us a comment, tweet or email!