Doctor Who Commentary – 7.4 ‘The Power of Three’

Caleb, Sarah and Nat are back on earth for the year of the slow invasion…that’s new! The Doctor moves in with the Ponds as small black cubes appear all over the world. We discuss UNIT: The Next Generation, musical deadly cubes and the return of Brian!

Did the Ponds make the right decision? Were the Shakri a genuine threat? And was this episode better than Dinosaurs on a Spaceship?


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3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Commentary – 7.4 ‘The Power of Three’

  1. This was a nice episode with a lot of really good moments between Amy, Rory, Brian and the Doctor. I especially liked the whole scene between Amy and the Doctor along the water in London. But what I never really liked about the Russell T Davies era, and didn’t like about the Power of Three, was the feeling of being cheated at the end of an otherwise good story by a rush, somewhat-contrived ending where everything is solved in a blink. Literally, I was shocked that within a few minutes everything was “fixed,” including people whose hearts had been stopped for minutes on end by the cubes!

    The episode was only 41 minutes in length, so the Doctor Who team had a good three or four added minutes to play with in this episode to really get the ending right, and score a winning goal with this one. But the ball banged off the cross-bar instead. And I so much wanted to should “goal!!!!!!!!!!”

    Next week, I have the sense that they’ll be too many tears flowing to shout much of anything.

  2. Alright, then. Here’s my theory on how the Ponds will meet their “demise.” I think the angels will end up sending Rory back in time, leaving Amy and the Doctor in New York City. Amy will realize that she can’t go on living without Rory, leaving the only viable option being to “allow” the angels to send Amy back in time, too, to be with Rory.

    This will allow for plenty of pathos and tears, first when Rory departs, and then during the ultimate “goodbye” between the Doctor and Amy, after she decides to go back in time to be with Rory.

    That’s my idea. But however it happens, this will be a sad episode, I’m sure. Plenty of tears. But also, knowing Mr. Moffat, a fine one, as well.

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