Doctor Who Spoiler-Free Preview – 7.3 ‘A Town Called Mercy’

The Doctor turns Sheriff in A Town Called MercyCaleb and Sarah preview A Town Called Mercy by Toby Whithouse with brand new contributor Nat Slow. They also discuss some of your comments on Dinosaurs on a Spaceship – don’t forget to download our commentary and read James’ review too!

This week The Doctor gets a gun, a Stetson and a cyborg! The Doctor ignores the keep out sign on a visit to A Town Called Mercy – will you too?


If you want a few more hints, read on…

  • Like Asylum of the Daleks, it opens with voice-over narration.
  • Someone is looking for the Doctor.
  • The Doctor’s language skills don’t just include “Baby”!
  • Thematically, it recalls Russell T Davies’ series 1 episode Boom Town, but without a farting alien in sight (or smell).
  • Someone prefers to be called Susan…

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