Doctor Who Commentary – 7.3 ‘A Town Called Mercy’

Caleb, Sarah and new contributor Nat Slow don their stetsons and ignore the keep out sign as they explore ‘A Town Called Mercy’. Daleks, dinosaurs and now a cyborg gunslinger. As Doctor Who meets a western we discuss guns, tic-tac spaceships, moral complexities and The Doctor’s mercy.

Did The Doctor make the right decision with Kahler Jex? Would The Doctor have used the gun? Where did The Doctor learn to speak horse? And who gave Amy a gun!

Keep out?


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3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Commentary – 7.3 ‘A Town Called Mercy’

  1. I must admit that from the non-spoilery previews and trailers, I was really looking forward to this episode. And it turns out that this episode was solid . . . good. I’m happy with it. But there was nothing terribly great about it, either. Something was missing that would have put it over the top in my opinion; although I can’t put my finger on it. It’s as if the episode were a dinner placed before you. And it looked and smelled delicious, but when you took a bite, it didn’t quite satisfy as much as expected from its look and aroma. A 4-ish out of 5. It had all of the ingredients there for extreme success and should have been a 5. But it wasn’t.

  2. I thought it was a decent story. It had a brilliant location, and I liked how the title of the story fit really well, with the themes of is it right to kill ect. The main problem for me was the overuse of the sonic-screwdriver. It was used about 5 times, for about 5 diffrent things. If they keep on using it so much, it just becomes totally worthless. However i think this story is the best of Series 7 so far.

  3. I normally watch an Episode of Doctor on Iplayer straight after watching it on TV, But i couldnt sit through A Town Called Mercy a second time. I thought It was really dull and boring i hope The Power Of Three is better. I cant see why people rave on this Episode was really slow and and would recommend Parents to use it to put their kids to sleep for an early night.

    I didnt think it was funny the he speaks Horse was pushing the gag a bit and all in all it seems a bit forced story just to have a western Episode. I think this is one of Whithouses worst it dragged along painfully slow. Mid rated one for me and wouldnt watch again.

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