Doctor Who Spoiler-Free Preview – 7.2 ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’

Doctor Who - Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipCaleb and Sarah preview Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, episode 2 of the new series of Doctor Who, written by Chris Chibnall, as our series 7 coverage continues – don’t forget to download our Asylum of the Daleks commentary and read our review!

With a great guest cast including Arthur Weasley, Argus Filch, Inspector Lestrade and Mitchell & Webb (also known as Mark Williams, David Bradley, Rupert Graves and, er, Mitchell & Webb), the Doctor assembles a motley gang to investigate dinosaurs… on a spaceship!

But is the entertainment factor of said prehistoric creatures be undermined by flaws in the characterisation? We give our first impressions, and a drop a few hints and teasers about what’s ahead.


If you want a few more hints, read on…

  • The logo is scaly this week!
  • The Doctor narrowly avoids being kissed… and later kisses someone else.
  • “What sort of man doesn’t carry a trowel?”
  • Amy claims to be royalty.
  • The rationale for why there are dinosaurs on a spaceship is pretty cool!
  • “You’re going straight on the naughty step!”
  • The Doctor might not be inclined to mercy…

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3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Spoiler-Free Preview – 7.2 ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’

  1. Nice little review. Thanks for not giving too much away but really interesting in this returning alien race.

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