Doctor Who Spoiler-Free Speculation – 7.5 ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’

The Weeping Angels are back! No episode preview this week so Caleb and Sarah discuss what they think The Angels Take Manhattan may mean for The Doctor and the departure of Amy and Rory. They also discuss some of your comments on The Power Of Three – don’t forget to download our commentary and read James’ review too!

Come along Pond!


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3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Spoiler-Free Speculation – 7.5 ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’

  1. Since it’s to do with Time jumping, they may kill Amy by turning back time till she dosen’t exist anymore. This could also be a way of seeing her as her younger self again.

  2. I had thought that Rory’s dad had been introduced as a redshirt for this episode, killing Rory again might be too obvious and Amy would be a double bluff – we expect Rory to die so he kills Amy when we least expect it. Would Moffat be ruthless enough to kill off Mr Weasley? New Who has developed a tendency to fudge the issue of death – Rose is reported as dead but bumped into a parallel world or Donna’s personality dies instead of her physical body. Even River Song isn’t really dead as her mind is in a hard disk. Hang on I’ve just had a thought, no-one knows how an Angel is made. As they can’t look at each other I very much doubt there’s much of a social life. Amy has already had an Angel in her head. Oh Moffat you little tinker. Of course I could be wrong.

  3. Well! That was certainly very sad and definitely final for Amy and Rory. A great episode, I think. A nice way to see off the Ponds. Now, excuse me while I go to the store to buy more kleenex.

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