Doctor Who – Moffat Bingo 2.0

Our Ming-Mong-in-ChiefIt’s here! All new Moffat Bingo, ready for the Series 7 finale and the 50th Anniversary special!

The original Moffat Bingo is still one of our most consistently popular posts, spreading far and wide via Twitter and Pinterest. But the departure of the Ponds last year means it’s no longer fit for purpose so, after a bit of faffing, here’s the newly revised edition, just in time for ‘The Name of the Doctor’!

There are four different cards in total. You’ll find the first two here and the last two over at Bell, Book & Candle – a brand new blog about writing, reading and the life inbetween, run by our own P.G. Bell. (If you’re a fan of our Stories in Print thread, you’ll find a lot of similar content appearing over there soon, so make sure you subscribe)!

Moffat Bingo 2.0 - Card 1

Moffat Bingo 2.0 – Card 1

How to Play

To print the cards out, just right click and ‘Save Link/Target As…’ to save the full size JPEG to your desktop. Then sit down with a pen, a few friends, a bottle of whatever you fancy and the latest episode of Doctor Who. As each well worn trope innovative plot device appears on screen, cross it off your card. The first person to complete a line of five squares (including diagonals), wins! We can’t offer any prizes, sadly. You’ll just have to make do with the fleeting sensation of smug superiority.

Moffat Bingo 2.0 - Card 2

Moffat Bingo 2.0 – Card 2

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