Thank you and good night…

Well, we had a good run of about 5 years on Impossible Podcasts, but life moves on and the team are busy with new and exciting challenges. The site remains online as an archive, and we hope that our articles, reviews and podcasts will remain of interest to science fiction and fantasy fans.

Thanks again to all our listeners, readers and supporters!

Attention, book lovers!

The agony of editing!If you enjoyed our interview with Kieran Mathers about his forthcoming fantasy novella, The Darkness Embraces, you might be wondering what happened to the new series of articles we promised you, charting his journey from first draft to publication.

Well the good news is, they’re already happening! But as we’ve decided to draw Impossible Podcasts to a close this year, you’ll find them at Bell, Book & Candle – the blog about reading, writing and the life in between, managed by our Stories In Print editor, P.G. Bell. The column, called ‘Mundane Adventures’, is updated every Saturday morning and is already proving popular as Kieran wrestles with the challenges of getting a book ready for market – from misunderstandings with his cover artist to rising above the sea of rubbish straight-to-Kindle titles. It’s fascinating and insightful stuff but don’t take our word for it – check out Part 1 and Part 2 for yourself. And we can promise some fascinating twists and turns in the next few weeks!

Friend of the podcast, Simon Kurt Unsworth

Meanwhile, Simon Kurt Unsworth’s occasional column ‘The Bellows’ also has a new home at Bell, Book & Candle. The World Fantasy Award-nominated author is preparing his own novel for publication, but it’s a very different journey to Kieran’s. P.G. will be re-posting the first four instalments over the next few weeks to bring new readers up to speed, before starting on the brand new material.

Lastly, P.G. recently announced that his blog is going to host a brand new podcast of its own. If you enjoyed our interview with Philip Reeve, you’ll want to hear Bell, Book & Podcast – a monthly interview with a notable writer, editor or publisher. The first instalment is due out in July, so keep those ears peeled!

If you’ve ever wondered how words get out of a person’s head, onto the page and then onto bookshelves, Bell, Book & Candle is worth a look.

Doctor Who Commentary – 7.07 ‘The Bells of Saint John’

The Bells of Saint JohnHappy birthday to us!!! It’s been five long years since our very first Doctor Who commentary and, to mark the occasion, here’s our latest – ‘The Bells of Saint John’.

Caleb and P.G. find plenty to talk about as Clara finally joins the Doctor full-time. Has her (re-)introduction been too long coming? How does she compare to her previous incarnations? And what clues to her identity have we found so far? All this, plus the question of souls; the spectre of Russell T Davies; the brilliant Celia Imrie and Jumping the Shard. (Geddit?)

We also open with a very important announcement about the future of the podcast that you really don’t want to miss, and finish with a look ahead to the 50th Anniversary. So let’s get cracking!


‘The Trinket’ – a story of mystery, magic and murder

The MorriganWe’re pleased to announce that Psuedopod – ‘the world’s premier horror fiction podcast’ – have published The Trinket, a short, dark fantasy tale penned by our very own P.G. Bell. And it’s yours to download FREE, right here or listen in the player below.

When a young legionary finds himself caught between cowardice and friendship on the harsh frontier of Roman Britain, his only hope is a Celtic woman with a sinister agenda.  Can she really help him flee the bloodshed? And what powers lie within the golden pendant she so desperately seeks?

The story first appeared in the anthology The Phantom Queen Awakes from Morrigan Books. This updated version is read for audio by novelist John Trevellian and has already been selected by Amazing Stories magazine as one of their Picks of the Month.

So go ahead, have a listen and feel free to discuss the story here or on the Pseudopod forum.

“They burned Gederus in the yard outside the barracks. Dawn had brought the first break in rain for ten days and the men, still cold and filthy from the construction work, cast anxious glances at the black weight of cloud that threatened to stamp out and drown the struggling flames. Those closest to the pyre stole a guilty pleasure from its warmth.

All except Rufinius, who stood to attention at the head of the bonfire, his nostrils thick with the smell of pitch and roasting meat…”



Welcome to the new site!

Impossible PodcastsWelcome to the brand new Impossible Podcasts website!

We hope you like the changes – they’re designed to be pleasing on the eye and easy to navigate. We’ve got a glut of exciting new content coming up over the next few days, from new articles through to our Asylum of the Daleks preview. Stay tuned, and let us know what you think!

Remember, we’d love for you to get involved with the show, so if you’d like to write for us or Skype in on a discussion, get in touch!

There are loads of behind the scenes benefits to the new site. But here are some of the changes we’ve made that will directly impact you, our faithful audience… Continue reading

Points of Who #8 – We’re Regenerating!

A sneak peek at what's to come...In a special edition of our monthly news-and-views roundup (recorded before the sad death of Mary Tamm), we look forward to some of the exciting changes in store for Impossible Podcasts.

New website! New content! Whether you come to us for our Doctor Who commentaries, our discussions on sci-fi and fantasy TV, films and books, our interviews or our video game columns, we think you’ll love our new look. Fresher and easier to navigate, the new site will launch on Saturday 18th August Saturday 25th August, with a raft of new content.

In this week’s podcast, we outline the major changes and interview acclaimed horror writer Simon Kurt Unsworth about his new regular column for us, exploring the ups-and-downs of writing for a living. Plus, we tell you, faithful listener, about the many new ways you can get involved with the podcast, so download it now if you’d like to be a part of it!