Doctor Who Commentary – 7.07 ‘The Bells of Saint John’

The Bells of Saint JohnHappy birthday to us!!! It’s been five long years since our very first Doctor Who commentary and, to mark the occasion, here’s our latest – ‘The Bells of Saint John’.

Caleb and P.G. find plenty to talk about as Clara finally joins the Doctor full-time. Has her (re-)introduction been too long coming? How does she compare to her previous incarnations? And what clues to her identity have we found so far? All this, plus the question of souls; the spectre of Russell T Davies; the brilliant Celia Imrie and Jumping the Shard. (Geddit?)

We also open with a very important announcement about the future of the podcast that you really don’t want to miss, and finish with a look ahead to the 50th Anniversary. So let’s get cracking!


Doctor Who Commentary – ‘An Unearthly Child’ – The First Doctor

The First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan enter the TARDISWe start counting down to Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary in November by looking back over the history of Doctor Who, from 1963 down to the present! In this episode, Caleb and Swithun go right back to the very beginning, to discuss An Unearthly Child, (or if you prefer, 100,000BC or The Tribe of Gum, Hartnell overall story titles being what they are…)

William Hartnell was the original Doctor – but is he the original and best? We consider how the Doctor evolved from mysterious and unreliable mad scientist into the unconventional action hero he is today. Plus, how has the role of the companions changed since the original TARDIS crew of Ian, Barbara and Susan, as played by William Russell, Jacqueline Hill and Carole Anne Ford.

Join us as we celebrate the classic opening episode where it all began, plus reconsider those neglected cavemen episodes that follow… or should we skip to the Daleks already?


How do you feel An Unearthly Child holds up after all these years? Are you a fan of the First Doctor, and what are your favourite stories from his era? If you’re a recent Doctor Who fan who came to it since it’s 2005 return, what is it like to go back and uncover Doctor Who’s past? Let us know your thoughts below!

Doctor Who Commentary – 7.06 ‘The Snowmen’ Christmas Special

The Doctor and Clara in the TARDISAfter something of an extended break, Caleb and Sarah are back with our verdict on The Snowmen, the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special! With a new title sequence, new TARDIS and above all new companion, the feisty Clara, ably played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, there’s plenty for us to talk about… not to mention abominable snowmen, Victorian values, lesbian interspecies marriage, the place of Sherlock Holmes in the Whoniverse, and Matt Smith sporting a specially fine hat!


Stay tuned for our anniversary-year coverage of Doctor Who, as we celebrate each of the eleven Doctors from the last 50 years, one per month, and count down to the big day on 23rd November 2013!

Doctor Who Commentary – 7.5 ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’

Amy and Rory jumping to escape the Weeping AngelsTime runs out for Amy and Rory Pond, as The Angels Take Manhattan! Caleb, Sarah and Suzie try not to blink as we discuss Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill’s exit from Doctor Who, as well as the return of the Weeping Angels and River Song. With Amy and Rory being the longest serving companions since the series returned in 2005, is this a fitting end to their story?


Steven Moffat said “If the Ponds’ departure doesn’t make you openly weep, I haven’t done my job.” Did he succeed for you? Let us know what you thought!

Doctor Who Commentary – 7.4 ‘The Power of Three’

Caleb, Sarah and Nat are back on earth for the year of the slow invasion…that’s new! The Doctor moves in with the Ponds as small black cubes appear all over the world. We discuss UNIT: The Next Generation, musical deadly cubes and the return of Brian!

Did the Ponds make the right decision? Were the Shakri a genuine threat? And was this episode better than Dinosaurs on a Spaceship?


Don’t forget to keep an eye on the website for James’ review of The Power of Three, coming soon!

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Doctor Who Commentary – 7.3 ‘A Town Called Mercy’

Caleb, Sarah and new contributor Nat Slow don their stetsons and ignore the keep out sign as they explore ‘A Town Called Mercy’. Daleks, dinosaurs and now a cyborg gunslinger. As Doctor Who meets a western we discuss guns, tic-tac spaceships, moral complexities and The Doctor’s mercy.

Did The Doctor make the right decision with Kahler Jex? Would The Doctor have used the gun? Where did The Doctor learn to speak horse? And who gave Amy a gun!

Keep out?


Don’t forget to keep an eye on the website for James’ review of A Town Called Mercy, coming soon! now live, check it out!

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