Doctor Who – Moffat Bingo 2.0

Our Ming-Mong-in-ChiefIt’s here! All new Moffat Bingo, ready for the Series 7 finale and the 50th Anniversary special!

The original Moffat Bingo is still one of our most consistently popular posts, spreading far and wide via Twitter and Pinterest. But the departure of the Ponds last year means it’s no longer fit for purpose so, after a bit of faffing, here’s the newly revised edition, just in time for ‘The Name of the Doctor’!

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Doctor Who – Moffat Bingo – Play Along At Home!

What better way of celebrating the return of Doctor Who this weekend than by saluting our Ming-Mong-In-Chief? How, we hear you ask? Why, by downloading these exclusive Moffat Bingo cards of course!

Moffat Bingo couldn’t be easier to play. Simply print out the cards below (there are three different arrangements in total) then sit down with a pen, a friend (you do have one of those, right?) and the latest episode of Doctor Who. Then cross off each trope as and when it appears in the story. Easy! The first person to complete a line of five squares wins. See if you can get a full house (crossing off every square on the card) over the course of the series.

Our thanks go to podcast listeners Kevin Greenan, Fiona James and Jon Rook who suggested suitable Moffatisms over at our Facebook page, and to Anna Bell for her help in designing the finished cards.

Check back after tonight’s broadcast for some insights from the man himself, as we bring you highlights from the recent ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ preview Q&A, with Steven Moffat, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

Doctor Who – Moffat Bingo! – Your Chance to Take Part

It’s time to play Moffat Bingo! With Series 6b almost upon us, we’re finally making good on an old promise and compiling a list of the Moff’s most enduring tropes to see how many of them turn up in the new episodes. And we want YOU, faithful podcast fans, to help us!

Simply visit our Facebook page, post your suggestions on the wall and we’ll add the best (and funniest) to our patent-pending Moffat Bingo card, which will be posted here on the blog so you can play along at home. See how many tropes you can tick off per episode! (I feel a drinking game coming on…)

Here are a couple to start you off…

1. The Doctor adopts a new form of headgear

2. A Classic monster receives a controversial (and largely unnecessary) redesign

3. We meet a character who knows more about the Doctor’s future than the Doctor does

4. Alex Kingston regenerates into Julia Sawalha

Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea!

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