Points of Who #8 – We’re Regenerating!

A sneak peek at what's to come...In a special edition of our monthly news-and-views roundup (recorded before the sad death of Mary Tamm), we look forward to some of the exciting changes in store for Impossible Podcasts.

New website! New content! Whether you come to us for our Doctor Who commentaries, our discussions on sci-fi and fantasy TV, films and books, our interviews or our video game columns, we think you’ll love our new look. Fresher and easier to navigate, the new site will launch on Saturday 18th August Saturday 25th August, with a raft of new content.

In this week’s podcast, we outline the major changes and interview acclaimed horror writer Simon Kurt Unsworth about his new regular column for us, exploring the ups-and-downs of writing for a living. Plus, we tell you, faithful listener, about the many new ways you can get involved with the podcast, so download it now if you’d like to be a part of it!


Points of Who #7 – Caroline John, Series 7 and more

Caroline John as Liz Shaw

Caroline John, 1940 – 2012

Welcome to our monthly round-up of Doctor Who news, views and rumours.

We reflect on the sad death of Caroline John and examine her role as Dr Liz Shaw, one of the most distinctive companions of the Classic Series. Was she dropped for being too strong a character, or did the show’s new Earth-bound format simply work against her?

We also look ahead to the debut of Series 7 and the return of the Daleks. Listen to our theories about what lies in store!

Plus, we make a couple of very exciting announcements about the future of the podcast, including your chance to take part!


Points of Who #6 – Doctor Who Newsflash

Caleb Woodbridge and P.G. Bell bring you our monthly roundup of news, views and chatter.

It’s a short and sweet one this month – just enough time to congratulate Steven Moffat on his new BAFTA, wave goodbye to the Ponds and hello to Jenna-Louise Coleman, and ponder the demise of the SFX Weekender convention. Plus, a look ahead to next month’s podcasts, which are chock full of Doctor Who goodness!


Points of Who #5 – Harry Potter Set Tour

Join Caleb Woodbridge, Sarah Burrow and P.G. Bell as they deliver our monthly round-up of news, rumours and feedback.

It’s been another busy month. With Doctor Who filming on both sides of the Atlantic, we discuss the on-set pics and wonder how long we can avoid the major spoiler that leaked out this week. (Don’t worry – we give nothing away).

JK Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, announced the title of her new adult crime novel – The Casual Vacancy. We wonder what it all means and take a detour into Pottermore, the official home of the Harry Potter e-books.

And while we’re on the subject of the boy wizard, Sarah got to preview The Making of Harry Potter set tour in London recently, and gives us her expert verdict. You’ll find a few pics of her adventures after the jump below, or visit our Facebook page to see the whole album.

All this and more in the latest Points of Who!

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Points of Who #4: Jenna-Louise Coleman, Doctor Who Convention, Top of the Pods

Your Impossible Podcasts team in Eddie's Diner

Your Impossible Podcasts team in Eddie’s Diner

Welcome back to Points of Who, our monthly roundup of news, views and general waffle.

And what a month it’s been! The Doctor’s new companion for Series 7 was confirmed, in the form of the lovely Jenna-Louise Coleman. We discuss her casting and float a tantalising (if unlikely) theory about the sort of character Steven Moffat might have in mind for her.

Then there was the official BBC Doctor Who convention right here in Cardiff and we’ve got a report from the front lines. Sort of. We did at least meet with the fine folk of the Who’s He, Ubuntu UK and Doctor Who podcasts, and recorded some of the results. And, for your continued listening pleasure, we give you a quick roundup of some of our favourite geek-friendly podcasts. (See the links below to visit their sites).

All this, plus your feedback and a look ahead to some of our forthcoming podcasts. So what are you waiting for? Click below and give us a listen!


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Points of Who #3: Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Hunger Games

In the third episode of Points of Who, we take a wide-ranging discussion of the latest news about Doctor Who and the wider worlds of science fiction and fantasy:

Caleb and Swithun discuss:

  • (from 1 min) The recovery of missing episodes of Doctor Who from Galaxy 4 and The Underwater Menace: celebration or disappointment?
  • (from 19 min) How should the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who be marked by the BBC, by fans, and by us as a podcast?

Sarah and Caleb discuss:

  • (from 29 min) The Sherlock finale, The Reichenbach Fall, including just how did Sherlock survive that fall?
  • (from 39 min) The Hunger Games trailer – how will the film compare to the book?