Doctor Who Review – 7.5 ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’

To follow our ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ commentary, James brings you his review of the episode. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought too. Come along Pond!

So, goodbye Ponds. Over the course of the last two and a half seasons you’ve been exceptional. You and Matt Smith have consistently been the best things about nearly every episode of Doctor Who for the last few years, and I will sorely miss you.
From Amelia Pond waiting in her garden, to the introduction of Amy proper, waiting for her Doctor to return for her entire life, making the choice of Rory over the Doctor, then Rory and the Doctor – at the heart of Karen Gillan’s portrayal of Amy Pond has been true character growth. It’s easy to feel like Amy really has grown up with the Doctor over the last few years, and she’s turned into a kick-ass woman and half of one of the best relationships in sci-fi (up there with Han and Leia, Adama and Roslin or Zoe and Wash).
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Doctor Who Commentary – 7.5 ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’

Amy and Rory jumping to escape the Weeping AngelsTime runs out for Amy and Rory Pond, as The Angels Take Manhattan! Caleb, Sarah and Suzie try not to blink as we discuss Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill’s exit from Doctor Who, as well as the return of the Weeping Angels and River Song. With Amy and Rory being the longest serving companions since the series returned in 2005, is this a fitting end to their story?


Steven Moffat said “If the Ponds’ departure doesn’t make you openly weep, I haven’t done my job.” Did he succeed for you? Let us know what you thought!

Doctor Who Commentary – 5.04 ‘The Time of Angels’

The Weeping Angel, coming out of a television screen

Caleb Woodbridge and Sarah Burrow go back to commentate on The Time of Angels, the story which reintroduced River Song and the Weeping Angels for the Steven Moffat era. With the Angels returning for Amy and Rory’s departure from the show in the autumn, does it hold any clues to the future?

You can read what our very own James Willetts thought of the episode at the time in his Time of Angels review. And in wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey fashion, we recorded our commentary on Flesh and Stone, the second half of the story, back in 2010 when it first aired.


Doctor Who Commentary – 5.05 ‘Flesh and Stone’

The Doctor, Amy and River Song face the threat of the Weeping Angels! But as the crack in time appears, what do the podcast team think of this series’ ongoing storylines, especially that scene with Amy kissing the Doctor? Join us to find out!

This edition’s commentators: Caleb, Swithun and James.