Book Review – ‘Quiet Houses’ – Simon Kurt Unsworth

“Do you live in a haunted house? Have you ever been to a place and had an experience that you cannot explain? Do you have a story to tell? Serious researcher wants to hear from you. Must be prepared to go on record. No timewasters. Tel:01524 500 501 ext 23 and leave a message.”

Simon Kurt Unsworth is one of the rising stars of horror and dark fantasy fiction, and we’ve got our hands on his new book, Quiet Houses – a reinvention of the classic English ghost story. Our reviews editor P.G. Bell gives us his verdict with the help of a genre-appropriate (and slightly ghostly) guest star. Click below to find out what they thought!


Title: Quiet Houses
Author: Simon Kurt Unsworth
Publisher: Dark Continents Publishing
Format: Paperback (£9.99)
ISBN: 9780983624516
Published: October 2011

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  1. Really enjoyed this one guys, I would be happy to hear more – it was very well made

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