Meet the Team

Back in 2008, a group of four Doctor Who fans, Caleb, PG, Swithun and James, decided it would be fun to get together and record fan commentaries on the new series of Doctor Who, and A Podcast of Impossible Things was born. Armed only with a dictaphone and plenty of enthusiasm, the team had such a good time of it that we decided to keep going, roping in various of our geek friends along the way.

In 2010, with the regeneration of the Doctor from David Tennant to Matt Smith, the podcast also changed its appearance, becoming the slightly snappier Impossible Podcasts. We also decided to broaden the site’s remit to cover other science fiction and fantasy that we’re interested in – and hope you are too.

Earlier this year, we moved the site from being hosted on Blogger and Podbean to our own dedicated domain here at Since then, the chief editor and technical geek Caleb has been busy rebuilding the site in WordPress, aided and abetted by the rest of the team. August 2012 sees the launch of the new site design, just in time for series 7 of Doctor Who.

Over the years, the people involved and the responsibilities they hold have shifted as we’ve variously got married (not to each other), had kids and moved to Birmingham. The current team and their responsibilities are:

  • Caleb Woodbridge – Editor-in-Chief
  • P G Bell – Editor
  • Sarah Burrow – Editor
  • Swithun Dobson – Doctor Who columnist
  • Kieran Mathers – TV reviewer and Swiss correspondent
  • James Willetts – Comics and movies geek
  • Olivia Cottrell – Gaming columnist
  • Christopher Bell – Retro gaming reviewer and columnist

We also have a variety of other more occasional contributors and friends of the podcast (such as Aled of Blogga the Hutt). If you’d like to get involved, please contact us!

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