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Are you interested in contributing to Impossible Podcasts, either as a one-off or more regularly? We welcome guest contributors and bloggers, so if you have opinions about Doctor Who, science fiction or fantasy and would like to share them, please get in touch!

Submission guidelines

When you get in touch, please tell us a bit about yourself – who are you? What are you interested in?

Explain what you’d like to contribute to the podcast – anything science fiction or fantasy related is fair game. See below for specific advice on podcasts, articles and reviews.

You don’t have to be a Doctor Who fan to contribute (but it helps!) The site started off as being specifically for Doctor Who fan commentaries but broadened out to include other science fiction and fantasy that the team happened to be interested in.

Pitch your content at an audience that is familiar with science fiction and fantasy generally, but don’t assume a detailed knowledge of any particular show or author. Give clear warnings for spoilers!


There are several ways to get involved in the podcast:

  1. Record yourself and send it to us as an MP3. If you want to go beyond a simple email, why not record your comments and send them to us so we can include you in our next Points of Who episode?
  2. Arrange to chat with us on Skype. If you’d like to take part in one of our roundtable discussions, or have a burning issue you want to debate with us, we can record it on Skype.
  3. Meet up with us in person – if you’re visiting Cardiff, drop us a line!


We’re looking for articles on all aspects of science fiction and fantasy, typically between 500 to 1500 words, that make a compelling case or argument. Be interesting and provocative, but make sure you support your argument rather than just ranting!

Lists are fine as long as you include analysis – if you write “Top 10 cliffhangers in Doctor Whoexplain why each one deserves its place, for example.


Reviews are welcome, especially of new and current material, but older stuff is good too – just make sure you explain why we should be interested in it now.

If you’ve created a book, film, comic, audio drama, game or something else that you’d like to submit to us to review, please get in touch. We can’t promise that we’ll feature it, but we’ll certainly consider it.


We reserve the right to edit all contributions, but we won’t change the meaning of what you’re saying without discussing it with you. For written articles, we will comment on a first draft and will probably ask you to revise it, to make sure that it’s as interesting and well-argued as possible. We might then edit it for spelling, punctuation and grammar, shorten or reorder it for reasons of length or clarity, and add headings or titles. Similarly, we might trim or reorder audio material – again, we’ll try not to misrepresent you in any way.

We’re happy to publish views that we disagree with, providing they are well-presented and aren’t hateful or illegal or anything like that. We reserve final judgement on what to publish – the editor’s word is final!

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