Eve Myles Q&A – SFX Weekender 2012

“I didn’t stab anybody in the throat…”

Eve Myles is a local girl at heart. She may have swapped Cardiff for Los Angeles, but she was thrilled to be back in Wales for an in-depth Q&A at February’s SFX Weekender convention.

In a pretty candid interview, she reveals the story behind her pivotal role in The Unquiet Dead, how she unwittingly set a new trend in Hollywood and what she really thinks of Torchwood’s future. All this, plus the revenge of Little Barrowman.


Ianto speaks! If you liked this, check out our Gareth David-Lloyd interview.

Torchwood Commentary & Series Review – Miracle Day 10 ‘The Blood Line’

Caleb Woodbridge and Swithun Dobson discuss the finale of Torchwood: Miracle Day, The Blood Line. Has Miracle Day given Torchwood a new lease of life or reduced it to shambling corpse?

We discuss Holocaust parallels, dystopian futures, sympathy for the devil (or at least Oswald Danes), the clash between its high concept science fiction concept and its action-thriller format, and deliver our verdict on the series as a whole!

Have you stuck with Torchwood through to the end? What did you think of the conclusion to Miracle Day? Do you want to see more from the Torchwood team, and if so, where should the show go next?

Torchwood Spoiler-free Review – Miracle Day 10 ‘The Blood Line’

Caleb Woodbridge previews ‘The Blood Line’, the shocking finale of Torchwood: Miracle Day. With Torchwood split across opposite sides of the world – Rex and Esther in Buenos Aires; Gwen, Jack and Oswald in Shanghai – the race is on to reverse the Miracle before the Families can implement the next stage of their grand plan.

It’s the end, but has the moment been prepared for? Well, sort of – like Miracle Day as a whole, ‘The Blood Line’ is a mix of the good, the bad and the just plain silly. But it carries it off with enough energy and conviction to make it compelling, if not entirely coherent, storytelling. And inevitably, not everyone is going to make it out alive…

Tough choices await Captain Jack and the rest of his team. Much of the drama centres around the decision to bring back death, giving a real sense of the weight and responsibility of the choice. This is especially true of Gwen Cooper, whose opening speech sets the tone for the episode, and Eve Myles does a great job as usual of humanising what could become a rather abstract concept. Central to the series is the theme of the danger of deciding who lives and who dies.

On a lighter note, there are also some fan-pleasing references to Doctor Who continuity. And the last few scenes come with a twist that will redefine Torchwood as a show if it returns – but whether it will be renewed is very much in question.

Perhaps more importantly, should the show return? Check back on Thursday night for our commentary and full post-mortem dissection of the undead corpse of Torchwood: Miracle Day!

Torchwood Discussion – Miracle Day 9 ‘The Gathering’

Batten down the hatches, lock up your daughters and wrap that precious Torchwood fandom of yours in cotton wool and bubble wrap – Swithun is back!

As the Torchwood team make their penultimate moves in the game against the Three Families, we discuss the overall sweep of the series so far, wonder at the true nature of the Blessing and take a wild guess at how things might be resolved next week. This is your last (but one) chance to join us, so click below and give us a listen!

This week’s contributors: P.G. Bell and Swithun Dobson

We’re thinking of taking our arc plot disucssion further and would love to have your input. Let us know your favourite and most hated arc-heavy shows. Lost, BSG, X-Files… we want your opinions on the lot. Make yourself heard and we’ll do our best to include your thoughts in a future podcast!

Torchwood Discussion – Miracle Day 8, ‘End of the Road’

It’s here! Our (one man) discussion of the latest episode of Miracle Day.

After the twists and revelations of last week’s episode, can Torchwood maintain the standard? Will the presence of so many other sci-fi franchise actors help or hinder them? And just what has Oswald Danes been up to these past few weeks? P.G. Bell takes a one man romp (maybe more of a saunter) through the latest happenings.  James Willetts will be back later in the week with his written review.


Torchwood Discussion – Miracle Day 7, ‘Immortal Sins’

No time for a full commentary this week, sorry, but Gwen Williams and P.G. Bell go tête á tête over the details of ‘Immortal Sins’, the latest episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day.

In addition to discussing whether this marks a turning point for the series, we find time to talk about Catholocism, homosexuality, armed police response units, the upward trend of John Barrowman’s acting (no, really) and velociraptors. What more could you ask for? (Apologies for any slight discrepancies in the sound quality of this week’s podcast – we experienced a few technical difficulties that we’ve done our best to remedy in the editing process).

Looking forward to the return of Doctor Who? Don’t forget to join us for Moffat Bingo, which will be available here on the blog on Saturday. Plus, stay tuned for a word from the man himself, recorded at the recent Q&A session at the British Film Institute!