Science Fiction & Fantasy in Videogames Discussion

Mass Effect 2, one of Olivia's favourite video games

Caleb Woodbridge interviews Olivia Cottrell, resident gamer geek for Impossible Podcasts.

When is a Reaper not a time-wound sterilizing flying dinosaur thing? When it’s a synthetic/organic space ship, of course!

We discuss the many connections between science fiction, fantasy and video games, especially Olivia’s favourites from Bioshock such as Mass Effect. What’s the place of storytelling in video games today? Are they “art”, and does it matter? What does the future hold?


What are your favourite games? Are sci-fi and fantasy especially suited to games? Are games now mainstream? Let us know your thoughts!

One thought on “Science Fiction & Fantasy in Videogames Discussion

  1. This isn't showing on iTunes atm guys

    Great discussion – glad to see Mass Effect given it's due, it is an incredible game series.

    One thing I thought you missed out in terms of lasting decisions is that in Mass Effect there's a mission where you have to make a tactical decision as a result of which one of your characters dies which is irreversible and carries on through the trilogy.

    Other than that a very insightful discussion on Sci-Fi in videogames

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